The Fable of Demystified Wheat

The dominant fantasy that intensive choice has made fashionable wheat cultivars weaker and extra depending on pesticides and fertilizers is refuted by a significant new research

Right here is Kai Voss-Fels on the wheat take a look at web site. Credit score: Kai Voss-Fels

The brand new fantasy that fashionable wheat varieties are extra depending on pesticides and fertilizers is refuted by new analysis printed in Nature Crops right this moment.

The lead creator of the paper, Dr. Kai Voss-Fels, a researcher on the College of Queensland, acknowledged that fashionable wheat crop varieties outperform older varieties beneath optimum rising circumstances and tough.

"It has been instructed that the intensive breeding and choice that has produced the high-yielding wheat cultivars utilized in fashionable rising methods has additionally made fashionable wheat much less resistant and extra depending on chemical substances," he stated. Dr. Voss-Fels.

"Nevertheless, the information unequivocally present that fashionable wheat varieties outperform older varieties, even beneath circumstances of diminished quantities of fertilizers, fungicides and water," he stated. -he declares.

"We additionally discovered that the genetic variety inside the fashionable wheat gene pool, usually criticized, is wealthy sufficient to generate a further 23% enhance in yields."

Dr. Voss-Fels stated the outcomes might shock farmers and environmentalists.

"Few folks can be shocked by the harshness of recent wheat varieties, even in tough rising circumstances, corresponding to drought and utilizing much less chemical inputs."

Dr. Voss-Fels stated the outcomes may have doubtlessly vital implications for rising the productiveness of natural farming methods. "It has been extensively accepted that older wheat cultivars are extra strong and resilient, however it’s truly fashionable cultivars that work finest in optimum and suboptimal circumstances."

Wheat is a very powerful meals crop on this planet.

Nevertheless, as world wheat yields have been diminished as a consequence of drought in recent times and the anticipated elevated local weather danger, the hardiness of recent wheat varieties is a matter of world significance.

It’s believed that the research supplies essentially the most detailed description of the implications of intensive choice and genetic choice on excessive grain yield and related traits of European wheat during the last 50 years.

It was led by Professor Rod Snowdon of the Justus-Liebig College of Gießen (JLU), additionally an honorary professor on the UQ, in collaboration with seven different German universities.

The genetic evaluation was undertaken at QAAFI beneath the path of Professor Ben Hayes.

The primary a part of the research consisted of testing 200 wheat varieties important for agriculture in Western Europe over the previous 50 years.

Efficiency was in contrast between these varieties as a part of side-by-side trials beneath excessive, medium and low chemical enter circumstances. The second a part of the research was undertaken at QAAFI to match efficiency variations with the genetic make-up of various varieties.

"This genetic info permits us to take discovery to the subsequent degree," says Dr. Voss-Fels.

"We will use synthetic intelligence (AI) algorithms to foretell the optimum crosses wanted to deliver collectively essentially the most favorable segments as rapidly as potential."


The article "Breeding Improves Wheat Productiveness with Contrasting Agrochemical Inputs" was printed in Nature Crops June 17, 2019 (DOI: 10.1038 / s41477-019-0445-5).

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